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University scientists and explorers such as Albert Einstein, Pierre and Marie Curie and Jean-Yves Cousteau were my boyhood heroes. I admired their pioneering minds, free spirits and willingness to think 'outside the box' even it meant going against perceived facts by their peers.

My dream was to follow in my heroes' footsteps. So at the first opportunity, once my undergraduate studies were over, I joined the University of Southampton in England to prepare my Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

Afterwards, I embarked on the last leg of my academic studies. I moved to London to prepare my Ph.D. degree in High-Energy Physics at two distinguished British universities: University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary College London (QMCL).

Strangely enough, in this respect, my path from the world of high-energy particle physics to energy healing therapy is ever so similar to the path taken by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, a scientific colleague and a fellow healer.

This is a clear proof, if there was any need for one that, for open-minded people, there is no contradiction, between science and energy healing is matter and matter is energy!

This undeniable link between science and energy medicine did not escape my attention as a scientist. It encouraged and prompted me to explore scientifically, more than ever, the relationship between the worlds of science, physics, healing and mediumship.

To inspire you to learn more about healing, self-healing and their related and much helpful fields such as yoga, relaxation...etc; a whole set of pages have been added to this website:

This is Your Education and Inspiration Corner!

Meditation and Yoga in Energy Healing Therapy.

Healing Music in Energy Medicine.

A Bibliography of Healing Reading.

With a beautiful gift for you as well...a free chakra chart and poster offer:

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Therefore my objective, methodical and scientific approach to consider any subject is the best guarantee that I have embraced energy healing therapy as my way of life because I saw its noticeable and unmistakable power at work for the benefit of the patients I have treated.

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