Affinity of Energy Healing with Western Medicine

Pink lotus flower photo - Vancouver BC Canada - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

The affinity and complementarity between energy healing and other health therapies and treatments is a subject of paramount importance. Its relevance cannot be understated!

It is rather misguided and dangerous to talk about ‘holistic medicine vs. conventional Western medicine’ because ALL therapies and treatments should have one and only one aim: the welfare of the patient. Any goal short of that is a poor reflection on one’s practice.

The medical version of the ‘American Idol Contest’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talents’ or 'Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games', where various therapies would compete against each other, should be an unacceptable non-starter.

Energy healing therapy, as practiced at the Eden Healing Centre, therefore complements and enhances the positive effects of all other types of health care, including Western medicine.

Energy healing therapy is not intended to replace a thorough intake, evaluation, treatment, or supervision by a licensed health care professional.

Of course, there is a natural complementarity between energy healing therapy and fields like nutrition, health, physical fitness, wellness, healthy living, self-healing, transcendental meditation techniques, yoga, Zen…etc.

Such a complementarity will be reviewed in the next page and will be covered progressively in the forthcoming blog.

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