Meet the Professional

Whale watching photos - Vancouver BC Canada - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

A successful professional life awaited me, after the award of his Ph.D. degree.

I left the academic life for an executive and managerial career, for more than ten years, within the London office of the world famous company specialising in statistical, marketing and media studies - The Nielsen Company.
Such a spell in the business world gave me a rounded view about life.

By visiting me at the Eden Healing Centre, you can be assured that you will be putting your health in the hands of a therapist who not only values your time but also cares about the welfare of humankind.

I have found the right balance between the various conflicting demands of the modern corporate and personal worlds within a greener and more compassionate setting, by opening a gate to the world of energy healing, holistic medicine and meditation...that health and wellness gate is opened to you too!

Welcome to the Eden Healing Centre in Vancouver BC!

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