Introduction to the Chakra Symbols and System

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This Chakra Symbols and System folder has come into being following a stream of feedbacks from our esteemed visitors to the Eden Healing Centre and to this website; as stated at the beginning of the previous Energy Healing web chapter:

Introduction to Energy Healing

Thank you again for your interest in our mission to promote health and wellness. We truly feel humbled by your trust!

We hope that are enjoying reading theses web pages as much as we did, when preparing them for you!

Happy, Healthy and Healing Reading to You All!

The chakra symbols and system as portrayed in images, pictures and illustrated charts are not only iconic but inspiring and educational too.

The free chakra symbols colour chart - that is offered to you as free posters – displays the symbol for each energy center, their meanings and their locations:

A Free 7 Chakra Image Chart For You!

This free chakra meditation poster is a good illustration and image of the seven chakras that should be opened and aligned for optimal health; balancing them is at the heart of how holistic healing works to rejuvenate and re-energize the human body.

Energy healing therapy, as practiced at the Eden Healing Centre, will definitely lead to aligning your 7 chakras for your greater wellbeing.

About chakra healing and its therapeutic touch, I have been asked numerous questions such as: ‘What is the meaning of a chakra’, ‘Are there any chakra symbols and pictures that you recommend’, ‘What are the chakras colors’, ‘Where are the chakras locations in a human body’, ‘What is chakra imbalance and balancing’, ‘What is chakra healing therapy and how does deal with pain’, ‘How does opening your chakras work’, ‘Do the chakra colors change during a healing session’, ‘What are chakra points’, ‘Are there any chakra exercises’, ‘What is chakra blockage’, ‘Where do I find chakra quotes’, ‘What is chakra activation'...etc.

This web section is to answer this kind of questions as meaningfully and concisely as possible.

To answer in particular the question: ‘How does one perform a chakra meditation’, I have added educational videos and a book title (written by Shakti Gawain) in the 'Healing Meditation' web page:

Chakra Meditation and Yoga in Energy Healing Therapy.

I have also added an extensive list of books and videos to provide you with more in-depth and academic knowledge about the chakra system, in the ‘Healing Reading’ web page:

Your Healing Reading for Your Healing Hands!

Other questions are much easier to answer: ‘Is chakra jewellery necessary to benefit from energy healing’, ‘Do you chant chakra affirmations’, ‘Do you use chakra pendulum’, ‘Do you use the chakra stones’, ‘Do you use a chakra pendant or a chakra crystal’, ‘Do you use chakra symbols and flags’, ‘Do I have to eat special chakra food before coming for energy healing’.

To these queries the reply is negative.

Understanding chakra symbols, the individual chakras, their colors, their uses, their meanings and their functions most certainly will help you appreciate what energy healing therapy will do for you when you visit the Eden Healing Centre.

Since the creation of humankind, energy healing has been accepted and practiced in many cultures. The word "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word for “Wheel” or “Disk” (because chakras spin like a wheel or a disk or a vortex) and refers to the energy centers in the body.

They are seven basic energy centers in the body. Amongst their functions, each of these energy centers is linked to a major nerve centre branching out from the spinal column.

Therefore a sickness in a region of the body becomes linked to the chakra which governs that diseased part of the human body. This fact allows us to focus on where the energy is "stagnant" to unblock its flow and help the healing process to start.

Below is a brief description of each chakra system major components, its position on the body map and its function. As I have studied sciences and classical music, I have added, for the scientifically minded, the estimated wavelength (in nanometre - 10^-9 m) and frequency (in terahertz – 10^12 Hz) of each chakra.

Whereas for the musically inclined, I have included the corresponding musical note for each chakra too!

One final note: The 7 chakra system is not to be confused with the Ashoka chakra which is a depiction of the Dharmachakra (the Wheel of Dharma). It symbolizes the teachings of the Buddha and has been placed at the center of the National Flag of India. The Ashoka chakra has 24 spokes:

The History of the Ashoka Chakra

As you can see, from the link below, the Ashoka chakra image is rather different from the seven chakra pictures:

The Image of the Ashoka Chakra

The Seven Main Chakras - Sitting Down Position

Figure 2: The main chakras, sitting down position.

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