Meet Dr. Abdellah Seddiki

A warm welcome to you all, at the Eden Healing Centre in Vancouver BC, from Dr. Abdellah Seddiki.

A message from Abdellah Seddiki.

A warm welcome from me to you all at the Eden Healing Centre - your gateway to good health and well-being!

When we embark on any human endeavour, we do not ‘switch off’ parts of ourselves just because they seem irrelevant to our project.

Instead, our whole life experiences become the essential ingredients of the project we have in mind. We all approach our human ventures in a ‘wholistic’/holistic manner.

Similarly, I bring to the field of energy healing therapy more than just my extensive training and experience in this vital area of human health.

Indeed, I bring into play my background in physics and mathematics, teaching, management, martial arts and fine art.

All these six major facets of my varied life have therefore become the essential ingredients of my successful career and mission in energy healing therapy; for the benefit of my patients!

I look forward to helping you at the The Eden Healing Centre.

In the meantime, please let me introduce to you each of the six facets of my energy healing mission, in the next six pages. Thank you!

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