Benefits of Energy Healing

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The benefits of energy healing are ever so numerous!

From my personal experience as a practitioner, the following benefits are most probably the main ones:

/1/ Energy healing induces you into a state of deep relaxation and therefore helps your body in getting rid off stress and tension. In this way, our self-healing natural powers take over the whole process on an 'accelerated mode', as in the story that I related -about mending shattered bones in a record time- at the end of the web page:

Mending shattered bones in a record time!

This natural ability for self-regeneration has been of great benefits to cancer patients that I have had here in Vancouver and in London-England. Energy healing recharges the patients’ “batteries” before a cancer treatment session which will deplete them so that a session is needed afterwards to make the patients more energetic again and less exhausted.

/2/ Energy medicine is a good antidote to headaches and migraines. I have had a patient in London (England) who suffered so much from recurrent migraines that one day he started crying at work without ever knowing why. He was afraid that he might lose his job. I managed to reduce his migraine frequency to almost once every three to four months at a level that he could control. The poor man was so relieved, beyond belief! I was so happy for him!

/3/ When we feel down, as during bleak winters or bouts of ill health, energy healing can boost your immune system by redressing the hormonal imbalance (as in the Seasonal Affective Disorder case) and by dealing with the destructive toxins of the body.

/4/ Energy healing is one of the best sleep aids that we can have! Insomnia becomes ‘normal’ when one is stressed out. So, I always close my healing sessions by showing my patients who suffer from sleeplessness simple ways, drawn from my yoga and martial art trainings, about how to relax the body and clear the mind to generate a peaceful and a deep healing sleep.

/5/ Finally, energy medicine is as useful as physiotherapy in the fields of sport injuries by not only relaxing the whole body but also healing the torn muscles and tendons and broken limbs in a gentle, non-invasive yet effective manner.

On an anecdotal side, the most original statements that I have heard, in my practice, were ‘Energy healing is the medicine that gives you energy’, ‘Energy healing is my chronic pain relief’, ‘Energy healing has given me bright eyes!’. The last comment was made, after four sessions, by a patient who had vision troubles because of migraine before treatment!!

Sometimes there are dramatic improvements and benefits in only one or two healing sessions, but it is best thought of as a series of sessions that can go beyond physical health. It all depends on the initial health state of the patient. Energy healing therapy has been found to be particularly helpful in the treatment of the following physical and psychological conditions:

* Arthritis
* Anxiety
* Back Pains and Problems
* Bereavement
* Broken Limbs and Bones
* Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy
* Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
* Depression / Anxiety
* Digestive Disorders
* Female Conditions
* Fibromyalgia
* Heart Conditions
* Hypertension
* Hypothyroidism
* Illness / Surgery Recovery
* Immune System
* Inflammation of Tendons, Joints, Bones and Bursae
* Insomnia / Sleeplessness
* Lack of Confidence / Negative Thinking
* Life Trauma (e.g. Car Accidents)
* Migraine / Headache
* Pain and Numbness of Hands and Feet
* Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
* Sciatica
* Sinus
* Strains and Sprains
* Stress / Tension
* Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
* Whiplash

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