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Seek knowledge and awaken your innate healing powers!

This educational section, as stated at the beginning of the previous Energy Healing web folder:

Introduction to Energy Healing

has become a natural addition to the Eden Healing Centre website as many of our visitors indicated their willingness to learn more at their own paces at home.

Thanking you and wishing you well in your pursuit of holistic and healing knowledge!

About education, the world greatest boxer - Mohammed Ali – once admitted that the following Zen proverb had inspired him in his career:

'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear'

How true is this saying! Whenever you are ready, this web corner is for you and your education. May you be inspired!

Energy healing is such a wide and fascinating subject. We are all born healers and self-healers and yet few of us are aware of that.

For this reason, I have added this corner to help you tap into and awaken your innate healing powers.

I have been teaching for years so it is no wonder that I truly feel excited by the prospect of sharing with you any knowledge that I believe will be of some help to you to promote your health and the well-being of your loved ones.

Through these videos and links, you will see that energy therapy is given for any illness, stress or injury to restore wellbeing.

So we do not have to be sick to enjoy energy healing. It will make us feel good. There are no side effects. It is completely natural!

How many treatments in the human wellness field can boast such ‘green’ credentials?

Have you watched on television informational ads about this or that medication when they start by stating its positive benefits only to qualify those benefits by adding a long list of extremely dangerous side-effects? It scares the life out of you, doesn’t it?

Thank Goodness, energy healing has no side effects. It is completely natural because its aim is to get rid off or control our ailments by using a natural medicine that is around us in abundance…our own human energy fields!

All what is need is the right fine-tuning and rebalancing of these fields (which are messed up in times of sickness, stress or grief), at the hand of an experienced energy healer!

May you be inspired to learn more from these pages about healing, self-healing and their related and much helpful fields such as yoga, relaxation...etc.

If it were the case then I would feel blessed and honoured because the dream of any teacher is to see his/her students reach their optimal and long sought-after results.

It is a wonderful feeling of 'mission accomplished'!

So let us begin this exciting journey of learning and inspirational education!



What is an energy field?

The energy field surrounds any living beings whether it is trees, animals or human beings.

There is special type of imaging called the Kirlian photography which takes pictures of the electric field surrounding any living subject. It is contact photography because the subject is in direct contact with a film placed on a metal plate charged with high voltage, i.e. high frequency electricity.

Its discoverer - Semyon Kirlian (1898 – 1978) - suggested that the images he was studying could be compared with the images of human auras or human energy fields. His discovery opened the door to the photocopying machine and to studies carried out by other physicists.

This video shows how the energy fields of plants look like under a Kirlian imaging process.

There is also the following informative Kirlian Photography website:

Kirlian Photography

And now, a beautiful visual introduction to the human energy field (aura) and centers (chakras).

Seeing the aura

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