Difference and Uniqueness of Energy Healing

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‘Is there any difference between energy healing and other complementary therapies?’ is a question that I have heard so often from people visiting or contacting the Eden Healing Centre; hence the addition of this section.

Energy healing is a universal remedy practiced for millions of years. How did our ancestors cure their ills when there was no Western medicine to speak of? They used all types of alternative therapies!

Historically, energy healing therapy has acquired different names in various places at various times.

Indeed, inevitably, these traditional remedies took the local character of the country where they were practiced.

This explains why the universal energy healing became Reiki in Japan, Prana in India, Qi Gong in China, Huna/Kalakupua in Hawaii, Shamanism in Latin America, Therapeutic Touch and Spiritual Healing in the West…etc.

As an example, the word 'Reiki' means literally in Japanese 'spiritually guided healing energy' which is just another name for... 'spiritual healing'!

Strangely enough in the UK, where I practiced before moving to Vancouver BC, we use the term 'spiritual healing' more often than 'energy healing'!

This is why my aim is to transcend these local characterizations to revive the universal character and appeal of energy healing to become what it was meant to be: a remedy for the whole humankind as free as possible of any labeling.

I look forward to treating you at the Eden Healing Centre. It will be my humble pleasure to show you how amazing this universal energy healing can be and what it can do for you.

There is nothing to lose but ill-health and stress; and every blissful healthy body and relaxed state of mind to gain!

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