An Introduction to Energy Healing

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This Energy Healing section and the next following sections:

Introduction to the Chakra Symbols and System.

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You are helping us transform this website into one the best information sites and portals to encourage health conscious people -like yourselves- to learn more about energy healing, as a holistic medicine medium to achieve your best possible health. And for that, we thank you again!

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As an introduction to integrative healing therapy, this section is to explain how holistic healing works, although such a wellness definition will depend on the techniques being used.

For the past five years and especially after creating this website, I have been asked questions like the following ones:

- ‘What is holistic healing?’

- ‘What is chakras healing?’

- ‘What is complementary medicine?’

- ‘What is therapeutic touch?’

- ‘There is a yoga apparel, does energy therapy need one too?’

- ‘Do you deal with emotional wellness?’

- ‘What are the types of alternative medicine?’

- 'Does energy medicine work?'

- 'What are the types of healing modalities?’

- ‘What is the essential energy medicine?’

- ‘How different are alternative medicine physicians from the Western doctors in their treatment of their patients?’

- ‘What is holistic medicine?’

- ‘Does energy therapy relate to wellness techniques like reflexology, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure?'...etc.

As you can see, seeking a definition of wellness comes in all sorts of questions and queries.

To answer them, let us move to the next pages.

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