My Healing Modalities Will Fit Your Needs!

My healing modalities will suit you!

'What are your healing modalities?' is a question I have heard so often from people visiting this website or the Eden Healing Centre here in Vancouver BC.

A typical energy healing session normally lasts from 45 minutes to one hour.

Because, as stated in one of my profile pages, my motto in healing my patients is and will always be: ‘Your healing session is over when your body-mind-spirit will feel completely and perfectly balanced’!

The benefits that people experience -after a session of energy healing therapy- range from a loving acceptance of oneself and others, to the resolution of chronic physical and psychological conditions.

The patient remains fully clothed and is treated in a lying position that is comfortable and relaxing. A gentle healing music (you can bring your own healing music if you so wish!) is played whilst the universal healing energy flowing through my hands is directed to the patient with a light touch or with few inches above the body.

I just connect myself to the universal life energy and lifeforce that surround us to channel it to the needy patient.

In this way, I do not use my own energy reserve which means that the patient will benefit from the unlimited flow of natural healing energy at its best.

I may say quite humbly that my patients (including fellow Reiki and energy healers) have always valued my energy healing modalities and their benefits:

Treatment Testimonials and References

So, as you can see, there is nothing to lose but your ill-health and stress; and every blissful healthy body and relaxed state of mind to gain!

I look forward to treating you at the Eden Healing Centre. It will be my humble pleasure to show you how amazing energy healing can be and what it can do for you.

May you blessed with good health!

Warm Regards,

Abdellah Seddiki, Ph.D.

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