Meet the Fine Art Explorer

Whale watching photos - Vancouver BC Canada - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

I have used fine art as a relaxation technique and a self-development method to explore my artistic abilities.

My aim is not only to use and develop both sides of the human brain but also to increase my powers of concentration and meditation.

In this respect, drawing and painting have earned me since my early school years prizes (when I drew on paper) and spanks (when I drew on walls at home with indelible ink)!

Likewise, for the past 10 years, I discovered the passionate art of photography, as you can see from this website photos. A photo can indeed be worth 1000 words!

In addition to carrying out my Ph.D. research in physics, I also studied classical music at the well-known British institution that The Open University is.

Without even playing a single piano note, I was amazed to discover that Beethoven’s symphonies do have mathematical structures. It was a revelation that earned me a university grant to pursue my study of Beethoven’s music – my favourite composer.

So, as an artist and a perfectionist by nature, I do not carry out a task by paying attention to the deadline set by the clock alone – the job must be flawlessly done even it demands extra-time.

Such is my work philosophy when working for my employers and so it is when healing you at the Eden Healing Centre.

My motto in healing my patients will therefore always be: ‘Your healing session is over when your body-mind-spirit will feel completely and perfectly balanced’!

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