Relaxation music in energy medicine becomes healing music.

A solitary heron in tune with nature’s rhythm in Stanley Park - Vancouver BC Canada - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

Since ancient times, relaxation music and other musical genres have been exploited to heal the mind and body and to sooth the soul and spirit. Music is truly an important component of the healing process.

Humankind has used the power of sound and music to affect our emotions, moods, beliefs, perceptions and ultimately our body-mind-spirit system for therapeutic, ceremonial, religious and spiritual purposes.

Indeed, intense use of ritual chanting and music, especially with flutes and drums, can induce a state of self-hypnosis so powerful that under its influence people feel capable of walking on burning fire!

Sound and music do induce a noticeable change in the physical body and its etheric counterparts (We have heard of the ‘Om’ vibration and its effect on people chanting it!).

The effect that relaxation music exercises on people has given rise to methods and techniques like ‘Harmonic Resonance’ which is a way to restore balance, harmony and vitality by producing music and sounds that resonate with each one us specifically. In this way, we become defined by a ‘musical model’ that reflect our balanced and harmonized health state. It is like a musical ‘fingerprints’ specific to everyone of us.

There is also the ‘Vibrational Healing' (known also as 'Resonance Healing') technique whose specific musical sounds can address specific areas that need treatment in our physical bodies, allowing thus a complete healing at the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

On the quirky and unexpected side of vibrational healing, I attended once a wellness show in Vancouver only to find someone attempting to heal a lady with an Australian didgeridoo. It was quite an interesting scene, to say the least!

I took this memorable picture of the event that I would like to share with you.

A 'Didgeridoo Resonance Healing' session at Vancouver Wellness Show 2009 - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

A 'Didgeridoo Resonance Healing' session
at a Vancouver Wellness Show.

What I personally like about using the appropriate relaxation music during my healing sessions is the fact that it can become a useful tool to help patients in need of helpful visualization (guided imagery) or guided meditation or just guided relaxation.

I remember a patient from BC Cancer Agency who came to see me. She exploited the whole 60 minutes of each of her healing sessions to the full in an original and impressive way.

She was using the healing energy I was providing her with to generate ‘on the spot’ a whole set of visualization images; with a conducive music playing in the background of her choice. In that guided imagery, she visualized her white cells multiplying many fold before -like a victorious army- destroying every cancerous cell in her body!!

This example did illustrate to me how relaxing music can act as an energy medicine of a special kind: If one is sick it helps in the healing and if one is stressed out it help in the relaxation.

Relaxation music has a truly wonderful dual function. I personally make sure that it is part and parcel of my patients’ healing session…hence its name as ‘healing music’!!

May you enjoy this selection of healing music and relaxation videos! Just an idea: whilst listening to this therapeutic music, why not close your eyes and visualize freeing yourself of all ailments and stresses for few minutes initially.

As we all know: ‘Practice Makes Perfect’…so, as days of listening go by, transform those healthy minutes into hours then into days…it is definitely difficult at the beginning but eventually it becomes a new rewarding habit…a healthy habit leading to a new you!

Please let me know how you get on. Thank you. In the meantime,

Wishing you good health!


And now...put your headphone...close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the healing music and natural sounds - and visualize a new you....starting with playful dolphins!

I hope you have had an enjoyable, relaxing and healing visualization experience

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