A Brief History of Energy Healing

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The history of energy healing is a topic that attracts the attention of many people visiting the Eden Healing Centre.

It is quite heartening to see people trying to learn more and more about the origin, evolution and history of energy healing therapy.

So it is not unusual to hear questions like:

- ‘What is the origin of holistic medicine?’

- ‘What is the holistic approach in medicine?’

- ‘How and where did alternative medicine start?’

These questions deserve in-depth answers.

However, some unexpected questions do come up such as:

- ‘Is there a link with tarot?’

- ‘Do you need an angel picture to practice energy healing therapy?’

- ‘Is there any link with palm reading or horoscopes or numerology or runes?’

- ‘Do you have to use pendulums?’

- ‘Do you need to use holistic healing stones?

- ‘Is there a relation with astrology?’

- ‘Does it have anything to do with Feng Shui?’

- ‘Do you chant when you heal people?’

- ‘Do you use essential oils or aromatherapy?’

- ‘Do you use herbs or pills in your treatment?’

To all these latter questions, the answer is rather simple and is negative.

A short history of energy healing!

For millions of years, ‘traditional’ cultures have defined the human body as a ‘wholistic’ energy system with the innate ability to self-heal.

It is only now that modern science is catching up by uncovering scientific evidence that supports these ancient concepts that were thought destined to the history bin.

Before the advent of quantum physics and its understanding of energy fields heralded by the emergence of scientists like Albert Einstein, Western thinkers -for centuries- adopted the Newtonian mechanistic view that the human body is like a biological machine whose parts perform their work independently of each other…as if we were like cars.

Obviously, nowadays, that mechanistic view of us is obsolete. We owe our present enlightenment to one of my heroes: Albert Einstein who shattered the idea that this world is just one big clock ticking away.

He was able to prove that even gravity which keeps our feet on the ground is just an energy field. In fact all matters (which include our human bodies) are made of atoms. Guess what? Atoms are are nothing but a whole set of interacting fields of energy!

This is why, being myself a physicist who turned energy healer, like my colleague Barbara Brennan, I feel indebted to scientists and physicists like Albert Einstein who proved that ‘Mass is Energy and Energy is Mass’ in his simple but powerful equation: E=MC2.

Scientists like Albert Enstein are the unsung heroes of energy medicine revival!

Albert Einstein unwittingly redefined energy healing on a scientific basis, when he wrote his famous formula: E=MC2!

This equation has had terrible consequences when its concept was used to create atom bombs that were dropped in 1945 on the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with all the ensuing suffering that entered human history.

However, paradoxically, his very same work in physics had positively healing consequences because it confirmed what our ‘traditional’ cultures have known for millions of years: the human body is a well integrated biological energy system with the innate ability to self-heal; i.e. to rebalance itself if it is fed the right kind and amount of energy; at the hand of an experienced and a qualified healer.

This is the ethos and philosophy with which you shall be greeted and treated at the Eden Healing Centre in Vancouver BC!

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