This is Your Memorial and Healing Corner...Light Your Candle!

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Dear Friends,

The creation of this healing and memorial corner was inspired by a tragedy that unexpectedly hit my own family. We lost three young souls in a house fire – May they be blessed and rest in peace!

I also lost so many friends to ‘modern’ diseases such as strokes, heart attacks and cancers of all types.

It is these kinds of tragedy that have made me seek solace in healing and self-healing. They have made me more determined than ever to practice energy healing for the past 5 years.

Indeed, I can vouch for the fact that energy healing is definitely a medicine – an energy medicine – in times of mourning and distress.

The best form of ‘closing’ a chapter in one’s life after a death or a tragedy is not to be afraid of grieving our loss, in private, family or with friends.

The best closure happens when we decide to celebrate the life (lives) and achievements of the departed one(s) because ….they have simply moved on to another plane of existence and so should we do so eventually in this life!

This is why I have felt inspired to add this memorial corner as part of your commemoration service, wherever you may be in this world.

So, as an act of remembrance, do you feel like lighting a candle and leaving a message to celebrate the life (lives) of your beloved who passed away?

Or do you feel like lighting a candle and leaving a message to ask the healing community visiting this website and the Eden Healing Centre to pray for your return to good health or that of your dear ones?

If so, please feel free to click on the image below.

Blessings to you all,


Please light a candle here.
May all your prayers be answered!

Please light a candle. May all your prayers be answered.

Your candle will stay lit for 48 hours.
When you return to the candles, you may
also look at messages left by others
and hold their concerns in your heart.

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