Give the Gift of Health to Yourself, Your Friends and Your Loved Ones!

Gift Certificates from the Eden Healing Centre for You, Your Friends and Your Loved Ones!

Give the gift of health – the best present of all!

Dear Friends,

Are you looking for an original and a great present to offer for a wedding, Christmas, birthdays, new year resolutions or to help your children perform better at school...etc?

Then the Eden Healing Centre can help you because certificates, vouchers and tokens are a thoughtful way to show appreciation, to say ‘thank you’, to treat someone on a special occasion or simply because someone is working so hard at home/work.

Energy healing therapy is a smart, safe, and effective way to encourage your friends and family to look after their health and well-being, physically, morally and spiritually.

No one needs to be sick to come for an energy healing session.

For example, some people come just to 'recharge their energy batteries'. Indeed...

Across my years of practice, I have had people coming before their wedding day or after it to unwind and 'de-stress' themselves, after being given vouchers.

I have seen people treating themselves with a good and relaxing hour of energy healing because it was their birthdays.

In fact, I have had people come to see me for a whole variety of reasons other than physical illness, insomnia or depression.

Moreover, when you buy a gift certificate for someone at the Eden Healing Centre, you will benefit as well because when you purchase...

One Healing Session Voucher, you can award yourself a full healing session at half-price for just $30 - a total saving of $30!!

Two or more Healing Session Vouchers, you can award yourself a full healing session for free - a total saving of $60!!

Each session lasts about 45 minutes.


To avoid last minute disappointment, please purchase your energy healing token certificates in advance via phone:

TEL: (1) 604 375 9757

or email:

Give the Gift of Health!

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The gift of health is a great choice because health is the greatest treasure that we can aspire and pray for!

Dr. Abdellah Seddiki

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