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My gift, as an energy healer with a therapeutic touch, was used unwittingly since my early childhood. Indeed, as a child, every time I had tummy aches, I used to rub my stomach with my hands and the ache disappeared! Since then it has become my ‘magic’ medicine!

From that moment on…I have had no doubt about how beneficial this 'magic' holistic medicine can be!

I did not think that much about it because many members of my family have been blessed with psychic or healing gifts that were used to help the whole neighbourhood.

Such is the way of life in working-class areas where innate gifts are seen as divine of origin to be used for the common good!

As I grew up, I realised that not everyone shared the psychic and healing gifts of my family. I then promised myself to investigate why and how rubbing my stomach works with such a soothing power.

Despite the fact that members of my family have successful careers in Western medicine, my dream has always been to become a complementary and alternative medicine doctor; which led me eventually to study energy healing by enrolling in two reputable establishments.

Under the leadership of Terry Tasker the international healer and medium, I first joined the 156-year old British institution that the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) is.

After training at the SAGB, I moved to the popular Philip Pooke Spiritual Healing Centre in East London where I practiced and learnt further complementary healing techniques at the hands of the two renowned directors of the centre, healers and mediums, Carole Conaway and the late Philip Pooke – May his gentle soul rest in eternal peace!

The late Philip Pooke, healer and medium.

In both schools, I learnt about complementary and alternative medicine guidelines, guided meditation techniques and how to tap into the lifeforce that surrounds each living being in this world.

In both establishments, I felt blessed by the dedication, humanity and high caliber of the teachers; between them they have more than 100 years of experience in energy healing therapy and mediumship too!

I could not miss such golden opportunities with such unique lecturers: Like a sponge, I absorbed as much knowledge as possible in all available fields, from medical ethics to chakra healing therapy to mediumship!!

I subsequently participated to various workshops and sittings run by fellow healers and mediums such as Billy Cook, Glyn Edwards, Geoff Hayward, Tim Abbott and of course Gordon Smith who has been called the ‘Psychic Barber’ for his amazingly accurate mediumship readings:

Gordon Smith, the 'Psychic Barber'!

My dedication to teach holistic healing therapy and how to reach the mind-body-spirit wellness balance was crowned by passing two formal wellness certification and assessment processes as required by two healing associations before joining them.

I am a member of well-respected international healing associations.

In the UK, the energy healing course syllabi are regulated by specific laws to provide the students with an unprecedented and rigorous training that parallels in many aspects a medical training.

It is done on purpose because there is a great deal of integration between holistic and Western medicine in medical establishments in the UK nowadays.

Such a state of affairs does not exist yet in Canada! One can be confident however that it will happen in Canada within a generation or two.

Because of this integration, studying energy healing in the UK involves learning, for a start, about the physiological, psychological and ethical sides of health care that are taught to medical students as well.

Finally, to further and enhance my healing techniques, I took upon himself to study further Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Tong Ren, Qi Gong, Reiki and the Silva and NLP therapeutic methods.

With such a wide-ranged portfolio, I have practiced successfully energy healing for six years. I have settled now in Beautiful Vancouver with my wife.

The references and testimonials - from my patients either in the UK or Canada - that I possess speak eloquently about how successful are my energy medicine modalities and sessions.

You are welcome to judge for yourselves when you visit the Eden Healing Centre.

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