Meditation and Yoga in Energy Healing Therapy.

The Stanley Park mermaid in ‘meditative posture’ with two feathery guests - Vancouver BC Canada - The Eden Healing Centre. ©

Ever since I was a child, I was attracted to meditation and the ‘esoteric’ and spirituals aspects of life. I read so many books and practiced so many techniques for years!

That knowledge gave me unwittingly an advantage when I started practicing martial arts. I quickly moved up the belt grading system because, by applying mind power and concentration, I was able to achieve and perform techniques that would have taken much longer for the average self-defence student.

For example, I was able to break bricks on my stomach and with my feet; and perform press-ups down on three fingers rather than hands.

This kind of rigorous and almost daily kung fu type training earned me my black and first degree instructor belts.

The key behind the success was meditative mind power concentration. So what is it?

Normally, it can be used mainly as a spiritual practice or for personal development or for improving your health.

Its benefits are scientifically proven beyond any doubts. Subsequent to a typical session, our immune system and brain activity are definitely in better shape!

In medical fields, especially when fighting diseases like cancer, creative visualization is rather effective in not only arresting the illness' progress but even reversing it!

For example, Shakti Gawain who is a pioneer in the field of personal development wrote a book entitled: 'Creative Visualization' where she gives examples of people fighting cancer using their meditative mind power concentration.

As a teenager, her inspirational green-covered paper book became one of my bedside companions and confirmed my holistic vocation in life - I still enjoy reading it!

To me, as for Oprah Winfrey, it is a 'must read' for everyone...

'Creative Visualization' by Shakti Gawain

There is a huge range of contemplation methods and systems however, the usual ideas associated with it are chakra meditation, chanting, yoga posture, deep breathing or emptying the mind or thinking about 'nothing'.

Deep and controlled meditative breathing was part of my self-defence training. It is so different from the shallow breathing of the average person: Deep breathing is literally believing!

Contemplation is not only practiced by spiritual adepts but also for religious purposes by Christian monks, Zen and Buddhist monks, Muslim sufis…etc.

It can also be practiced for more ‘down to earth’ reasons by for instance the stressed out executive, office worker or boardroom dealer.

Typically, it occurs when one’s mind is focused on a mantra, an image, silence, a thought…etc.

In our martial training, we used to have two mental focal points…our breathing rhythm and its depth; and watching the flame of a lighted candle.

Needless to say that an effective energy therapist is the one who has mastered meditation for one’s benefit and for the benefit of the patients!

In this regard, life has set me on the meditative and contemplative path since my childhood. I feel grateful for that.

So are you ready to ‘take the plunge’ and discover the meditative meaning of one’s life?

Enjoy and relax…


Dr. Abdellah Seddiki.

And now, close your eyes and let yourself
be guided by the voice - let yourself go...

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